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Powerful (LIVE) baptism in Spokane – Lutheran Pastor baptized.

Powerful (LIVE) baptism in Spokane – Lutheran Pastor baptized.
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I want to share a beautiful, beautiful testimony with you! Yesterday I baptized a Lutheran pastor and his wife! It is just so, so beautiful what God is doing! This pastor came to the meeting Friday, where he received the Holy Spirit. God had been drawing him for a longer time, but the baptism was very, very difficult because he knew that he could not continue doing what he had been doing, and that it would be a big, life-changing thing for him and his family!

I met with them before the baptism and we talked a little more. His wife told me how she, who had not yet received the Holy Spirit, got a dream from God two days ago. In the dream, she dreamt about how she died, and was buried. I continued talking with them about how this is what baptism is, but that it’s not just a death – it’s also a resurrection – and when she gets baptized to Christ, the Holy Spirit would come and fill her up and give her a new life! When we talked about this, the pastor started to cry at one time and he confessed that for him, his ministry had really been a ministry of death! He had buried ninety-six people in his last church, and it had been very hard on him to go from funeral to funeral, and from death to death. I said, “But this is going to be different now! If you go this way, you will go from a ministry of death to a ministry of LIFE!”

This is the problem with the Lutheran church that I grew up in! There is so much death! Jesus was still dead – hanging on the cross there – but the cross is EMPTY! Jesus is RISEN! He is alive TODAY! And we can experience the SAME new life!

After we talked, they were fully convinced! We went down and we baptized the pastor, and it was so beautiful, and there was freedom!
Then he helped baptize his wife!
The Holy Spirit came over her very powerful and she spoke in tongues and that was just so beautiful too! After that, he helped praying for a young girl who got set free from a demon and filled with the Holy Spirit! This was very powerful for him and I gave him a word that THIS is his new ministry!
A ministry of LIFE!
It’s not death anymore!
It’s LIFE!

I want to say it’s so beautiful what God is doing! It’s so beautiful what the Holy Spirit is doing! We need to see LIFE – LIFE into ALL areas of Christianity!

So this is just one of many beautiful stories we have seen these last days here in Spokane, Washington! We will now go on to the next meeting which will be in Portland, Oregon, and then Sacramento, California, Long Beach, California, and San Diego, California, before we head home and do Phoenix, Arizona, and Dallas, Texas!

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God bless you all out there!

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