Virtual Luke 10 School

Virtual Luke 10 School

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Online  Learning Experience

Are you not able to physically join a Luke 10 School? No problem, we have another way for you to still have this life changing experience! Our Virtual School is our self-paced online learning experience that you can access from anywhere you are and learn how to be a Disciple of Jesus in your everyday life.

Through our Virtual Luke 10 School, you can still get the foundational teachings (bilingual-english & spanish) which can be viewed at your own pace, together with personal greetings from the staff and helpers. You can enjoy this online Virtual School individually or together with a group of friends and family. In addition to the teachings, we will also try to connect you with local people in your area to have the opportunity to form a Virtual Small Group where you would be able to virtually gather with others and dive deeper into what you have learned, get personal, challenge each other to grow, and make potential lifelong relationships

Teachings will be soon uploaded to our spanish YouTube Channel for you to access online. Sign up here if you would like to connect with other people in your area.

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Our Virtual Luke 10 School is our solution for those of you who are not able to physically attend one of our full time Schools but, would still like to get the learning experience. This online option gives you the flexibility to follow through the foundational teachings that are taught throughout the term of a Luke 10 School and learn how to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God, help others enter it by being born again, and making disciples.

You can follow through the teachings at your own pace together with personal greetings from the TLR team. We will also do our best to help you get connected with other people in your area to help you form a community and fellowship so that you can grow together in your faith and be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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l'Ultima riforma in italia

Chi ti vede visitare il nostro sito web dalla Svizzera. Anche lì abbiamo un team dedicato di gente del posto che è appassionata di avvicinarti a Dio.

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You will love this video! Just try to see the first minute, and you will want to see more! This everyday life led by the Holy Spirit is also for you!

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