Help with translations

Help with translations

we need your help

translate Youtube video

Our Youtube channel reaches many people around the world. It has over 70.000 subscribers and millions of views! We want to reach the whole world with these life-changing videos! You can help by adding subtitles to our videos in your language.

Copy the link of the Youtube video you want to translate. For example:

Go to and create an account there:

After login, click on ‘Amara Public Workspace’ at the top.

Now click on ‘Add Video’ and paste the link of the Youtube video you want to translate.

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help spreading

the kickstart package

The Kickstart Package teaching is very powerful and has the potential to change thousands of lives. When available in more languages, that potential greatly increases!

Do you want to help us by translating the English captions into your own language? Or, even better, do you want to add dubbing in your own native language? That’s amazing! 

Translating for the Kickstart Package app works a little bit different than for YouTube. We’d love to tell you all about it. Just press the white button and we’ll explain the exact steps you need to take to get your language added to this Kickstart Package!

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translate the map

We want to turn people into followers of Jesus! Therefore, we link to the TLR Map on many of our videos so they can connect to people close and get activatated. The idea is to make the map accessible to the whole world. You can help by translating the map in your language. Note: below button links to a page for which you need to be logged in. You can do so by accessing the menu at the top right here.

Translate the map 
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