The Kickstart Package

This will change your life

The Kickstart Package is 7 lessons with life-changing potential to teach you all you need to know to start living the life God wants you to live: a life full of fruit. 

After the final lesson we will help you host your own kickstart event! Order the books and workbooks, invite  friends, neighbors, people from your cell group/small group/home fellowship or church – and in your home or church, you go through the lessons with them. Let the teaching transform them!

This amazing package is for you…

It is for your church…
It is for your friends…
It is for the people around you who you want to reach! Don’t miss it! See it!

let us help you choose

  • Kickstart Package on YouTube: 
    perfect for those that want to get started straight away and watch the video lessons in the most easy way.
  • Kickstart Package Books:
    perfect for those that want to have the full impact by watching the lessons and all questions. Also ideal for people that have seen the lessons and are now ready to host their own kickstart event with a larger group.
  • Kickstart Package App:
    perfect for individuals or small groups that want to watch the lessons AND answer all questions to learn as much as possible.

More about youTube

The video lessons are out on YouTube.
This is the easiest way to see the video lessons and to start learning how to live the life God wants you to live. 

The unique part about the Kickstart Package is it’s multi-faceted learning system.  The interactive questions, in-depth study pictures and personal reflection greatly increase the value of what this teaching can give you. 

The videos on YouTube lack this. All of this IS available to you in either the book and workbook or the app. We strongly recommend you to make use of these resources and increase the impact you can have in the lifes of those people that are close to you.

More about the books

The Kickstart Package is 7 video lessons that go together with powerful study material. One way to get to this study material is by ordering the book and workbook bundle.

The book contains the lessons which go along with the videos. But not only that, it also has a ‘Q and A’ section after each lesson, where Torben will answer some of the questions people may have after they’ve gone through the videos. The book will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to host your own kickstart event.

The workbook contains all of the questions for each lesson and of course some room to answer them. It also provides space to take notes and help with personal reflection.

Why would i want to order the books?

The book and workbook bundle is ideal for those that have finished watching all of the lessons and are now ready to host their own kickstart event in their home, church or with friends.

Don’t have the money? Send us a message by clicking here, and we’ll send you free e-books.

More about the app

The Kickstart Package is 7 video lessons that go together with powerful study material. One way to get to this study material is by downloading the FREE app.

The mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. It is NOT available in the regular App Store. Instead, you can download and install it to your phone by browsing to

The app will bring you all video lessons, interactive questions and space to put your personal notes. Besides that, it contains a LOT of extra inspirational resources AND personal words of motivation for each completed lesson, written by Torben himself.

Why would i want to download the app?

The mobile app is ideal for those that prefer reading and writing on a digital screen, instead of pen and paper. It is also ideal for those that are going through the Kickstart Package individually, or in small groups of up to 3 – 5 people.


We are here to help you make the most impact. That’s why we’ve prepared many free resources that will help you grow, learn more and even host events. 

Want to know more? Are you looking for answers to common questions or are you looking for some inspiration? Check out the resources page!

The Kickstart Package

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