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Are you ready to join us on a trip to Brazil, full of adventure? To live as a disciple of Jesus, lead by the Spirit, is an exciting life. In this new movie you will follow Torben around on a 7-day journey in Brazil. God did many amazing things which led to this touching movie that will both shake and inspire you! Watch it for free on the movie’s website.

Go to 7DaysAdventureWithGod.com

We believe that the church is facing a new reformation!

A reformation that will go deeper than any reformation before: away from church traditions, suffocating structures and countless meetings in church buildings. We believe that it is a reformation, where we get back to what we read in the Acts: A simple disciple-life led by the Holy Spirit, where the kingdom of God comes near in homes, on the streets, in shops – yes, all places where people are.


picture of baptism

We need to come back to the full gospel: we need to preach repentance, baptism in water and the Holy Spirit as Peter preached in Acts 2:38.



Kickstarting is changing the world and equipping believers to: heal the sick, preach the gospel, cast out demons and be led by the Spirit.


It’s time for a reformation of the church: Freedom from the church system. The church is not the building. The church is you and me.

“Finally, the church is alive again! Praise the Lord!”

Watch our free documentary.

Have you already watched our documentary? In the box on the right, you can watch this life-changing movie for free. This movie has changed the lives of many people around the globe already, and it can change your life too! It shows how we can live the life the first disciples had in the Book of Acts.

Watch the trailer here.

Find disciples near you and get kickstarted

Note: The green icon mm_20_green indicates a recommended contact person. Add yourself to this map here.

When you can’t find someone near you, please check the map again later. New people are signing up to the map every day! You can also write an email to map@thelastreformation.com

The last reformation map

A note on events: TLR is an open network of disciples. Not centrally controlled, so people are free to add their event to this list. Even though we try to our best to make sure the right events are published, it’s also your responsibility to check things. If you have concerns about certain events in this list, please write to map@thelastreformation.com.

20. September -
20. September 2017
05000 Gap, FranceParcours d’Evangélisation avec Peter Alheman. Rendez-vous à 9h. 18 rue Paul Arêne à Gapwith TLR team Details
22. September -
24. September 2017
State of Rio de Janeiro, BrazilRio de Janerio Kickstart with Torben Sondergaardwith Torben Details
22. September -
24. September 2017
66140 Canet-en-Roussillon, FrankrigKickstart à Perpignanwith TLR team Details
23. September -
23. September 2017
Birmingham B2, UKBirmingham 1-Day KickstartDetails
24. September -
15. October 2017
North Carolina, USAPioneer Training SchoolTraining School Details
29. September -
30. September 2017
NC, USAKick Start w/ Chris Martin and Staffwith TLR team Details
2. October -
22. October 2017
33649 Bielefeld, DeutschlandPioneer Training School (in english)Training School Details
6. October -
8. October 2017
6620, South AfricaKickstart OudshoornDetails
13. October -
14. October 2017
NC 28804, USAKick Start w/ Chris Martin and PTSwith TLR team Details
13. October -
15. October 2017
93240 Stains, FranceSéminaire KickstartDetails

  09/20 - 09/20with TLR team 

05000 Gap, France
Parcours d’Evangélisation avec Peter Alheman. Rendez-vous à 9h. 18 rue Paul Arêne à Gap

Details     Register

  09/22 - 09/24with Torben 

State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janerio Kickstart with Torben Sondergaard

Details     Register

  09/22 - 09/24with TLR team 

66140 Canet-en-Roussillon, Frankrig
Kickstart à Perpignan

Details     Register

  09/23 - 09/23

Birmingham B2, UK
Birmingham 1-Day Kickstart

Details     Register

  09/24 - 10/15Training School 

North Carolina, USA
Pioneer Training School

Details     Register

  09/29 - 09/30with TLR team 

Kick Start w/ Chris Martin and Staff

Details     Register

  10/02 - 10/22Training School 

33649 Bielefeld, Deutschland
Pioneer Training School (in english)

Details     Register

  10/06 - 10/08

6620, South Africa
Kickstart Oudshoorn

Details     Register

  10/13 - 10/14with TLR team 

NC 28804, USA
Kick Start w/ Chris Martin and PTS

Details     Register

  10/13 - 10/15

93240 Stains, France
Séminaire Kickstart

Details     Register

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Featured videos

Jesus is coming back the 23rd of September or not.

  Here is my input in all for this with the 23rd of September and the end times.

No more wheelchair! Jesus healed me!

  On the 4th October 2014 Keith fell down and broke 6 discs in his spine and dislocated his hip. He totally lost the ability to work and gave up on life and tried to kill him self by a morphine overdose. He lost feeling in his legs completely and ended up in a wheelchair. But then Keith [...]

London Kickstart

  Highlights of a powerful Kickstart seminar we had in London! "Jesus' calling is for everyone! if you are a woman, a man, young or old. That day you said yes to Jesus, He gave you a job to do!" Register now for our next Kickstart seminars 

Church as a orphanage VS Church as a family

  Listen to this teaching where I share my heart when it comes to church. I will later do more teaching on this subject. Hope you will find the REAL church and experience what this family is all about. God is raising up families all over and this is just the beginning. Come a join a kickstart or [...]

Freedom from sin and a exciting new life with God

  Freedom from sin and a exciting new life with God 😃 (Sorry for the demons screaming in the background) 😉 Listen to this short testimony I recorded at the kickstart in London. Are you bound to porno, sexual sin, lying etc. no matter what Jesus can set you free. Religion can not but Jesus can. And He [...]

The whole family got a new life!

  Watch this beautiful testimony about how a whole family got a new life at the kickstart in Poland. Maybe you have seen some of our videos on Facebook and Youtube, and are seeking to experience a life with God, then we recommend you join a kickstart weekend like this family have done. It can also change your [...]

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Join The Pioneer School – provoking and life changing!

Join the thousands worldwide that followed this incredible training! “This school changed my life!!” – we often hear this from people who followed this school.. They encounter a joyful new life with Jesus, with healing and extraordinary leading of the Holy Spirit.

  • Different languages
  • Completely free
  • Life changing

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