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We believe that the church is facing a new reformation

A reformation that will go deeper than any reformation before: away from church traditions, suffocating structures and countless meetings in church buildings. We believe that it is a reformation, where we get back to what we read in the Acts: A simple disciple-life led by the Holy Spirit, where the kingdom of God comes near in homes, on the streets, in shops – yes, all places where people are.


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We need to come back to the full gospel: we need to preach repentance, baptism in water and the Holy Spirit as Peter preached in Acts 2:38.



Kickstarting is changing the world and equipping believers to: heal the sick, preach the gospel, cast out demons and be led by the Spirit.


It’s time for a reformation of the church: Freedom from the church system. The church is not the building. The church is you and me.

“Finally, the church is alive again! Praise the Lord!”

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Have you already watched our documentary? In the box on the right, you can watch this life-changing movie for free. This movie has changed the lives of many people around the globe already, and it can change your life too! It shows how we can live the life the first disciples had in the Book of Acts.

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Find disciples near you and get kickstarted

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When you can’t find someone near you, please check the map again later. New people are signing up to the map every day!

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Featured videos

Power of God in a hospital

Little girl was healed of pancreatitis and was filled with the Holy Spirit at the hospital! Amanda, got really sick just before the kickstart in Brazil. She really wanted to experience God but she was too sick to attend the event. God had another plan! Everything changed when The Holy spirit took over whole hospital floor. Even some of the other hospitalized children on the same floor got touched by the Holy Spirit without anyone prayed for them and they improved and were discharged before the doctors expected! The doctors said that it was a miracle.

Kickstart seminar The Netherlands

Registration of a kickstart seminar with Torben Søndergaard (16-18 July, 2017) at De Betteld, The Netherlands.

The Third Group from the Same Church

God is doing amazing things and it is spreading all over. I just did a small video from our Kickstart-Weekend at the Jesus Hotel where you can meet some of the people who have joined this weekend. For more information browse this website.

Reaction to our new movie ‘7 Days Adventure With God’

We showed 5 people our new movie that soon will be released. This is their first reaction to this movie.

Join us in Florida 7-9 July 2017

Come and join the Kickstart-Weekend in Florida 7-9 July. God is doing amazing things all over. You can also get kickstarted into this life. Read more

Came out of wheelchair, baptized and got a new life

See this amazing video, where Ton from Holland got up from a wheelchair after he got set free from a spirit of fear and received the Holy Spirit and then was baptized in water. His wife also received the Holy Spirit in a very powerful way. This is what God is doing all over the place; we love it!

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Join The Pioneer School – provoking and life changing!

Join the thousands worldwide that followed this incredible training! “This school changed my life!!” – we often hear this from people who followed this school.. They encounter a joyful new life with Jesus, with healing and extraordinary leading of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Life changing

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