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Luke 10 School

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This is not a normal Bible school where you sit all day and listen and then go home. This is a life school where you listen, learn and apply what you have learned, and where we come close to each other and become family.

The duration of the school is 8 weeks with a possibility to continue the rest of your life. Yes, we really hope many of you will take this and run with it and never look back. This school is for you that are hungry to follow Jesus and want to live the life of a disciple. This is not always an easy life, but it is an amazing life led by the Holy Spirit, just like we read about in the Book of Acts. This is for those who have seen our online Pioneer School and our movies and are ready to learn and to walk with us.

This is for those who long to be used by God and experience real church/disciple life.

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A normal day will begin with practical work, prayer time, teaching, small groups and outreaches to the nearby cities. In the evening there will be time to “hang out as a family” and share life together. The first week we are laying a foundation and getting to know each other. For three weeks we will be learning together with the Pioneer Training School (our 3 week school) and following their program. After this, the Luke 10 students will continue to build deeper and do more outreaches.

During the 8 weeks of the school, there will be different opportunities to join trips and kickstarts both inside and outside America. We will also focus on starting up new fellowships in the local cities or helping other churches or house fellowships. In this way, we can work to see the Kingdom grow while getting good training where you experience the real life, so you can go help others and continue doing the same.


$1800.00 single adults, 18 and older
$3400.00 for married couples
$1000.00 ages 8-17
$600.00 ages 5-7
Free for ages 4 & under

About accommodation.
Sleeping accommodations are dorm style bunks. There is a women’s dorm and a men’s dorm. Couples will need to be able to sleep separately. This particular school setup is not conducive for families with children.
There is limited RV space for those who are coming with families. Please let us know if you are wanting to come with your family and have an RV. You will need to be willing to boon-dock if we don’t have hookups available. If this option fits you then please let us know and we may be able to waive fee for children.
We will be at the present camp until Jan. 20th unless the Lord opens the door to continue here. This school is for those who are flexible and willing to be challenged. We are looking for pioneers who want to truly be trained to follow the Lord in the unknown. We will have the opportunity as a school to practically move by faith in ways that you cannot simply learn in a classroom. Although the school will begin in Florida it may end up somewhere else, so be prepared for a journey in Christ that will forever change your life and walk as a disciple.
Meals are provided.

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