Luke 10 School

Luke 10 School

Enroll in a 3-Month Virtual or Physical Training School
starting August 19, 2024 in Merida, Mexico

One Bible, One Message, One Mission:
Disciple and Training School in Merida, Yucatan MX

This August 2024, The Last Reformation presents a new initiative: a three-month/one-year, full-time training school with extra focus on Missions. Our focus is to put theory into action, inspired by the passage from Luke 10. Here, students will learn doctrine and apply it practically to win souls for God without worrying about material possessions.

After completing the three months of intensive training, the goal is to send some students to different parts of the world for nine months to share God’s message.  Others will continue making disciples where they live. We believe this school will transform your life, and you will continue to serve God, win souls, and make disciples for Him until He returns.

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This is a discipleship school that will transform your life! It will start with three months at the base in Merida, and then, for those with a heart for missions, teams will be sent on mission trips to different parts of the world. You will learn how to put your faith into practice in your daily life, healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing people in water, and having them filled with the Holy Spirit. This will be a bilingual school (English and Spanish), which, for many, is just the beginning of a lifetime of service to the Lord.

We want to train and equip you as we always do, with a focus on sending people to reach the Spanish-speaking community in Latin America with the Gospel! There will also be an opportunity for those who speak English and desire to go to India, Thailand, and other countries worldwide.

Another thing that makes this school special is that there will be the opportunity to collaborate with local churches to learn and grow together, encouraging us to live as a disciple of Jesus every day, outside of the four walls.

A typical day will include practical work, prayer time, teaching, small groups, and outreach to nearby cities. There will be time to hang out as a family and share life in the evening.

Get ready to be trained, equipped, and sent to the nations!

This is a full-time school with programs in the evenings and on weekends. You can live at the school in dorm rooms or family rooms. There are also possibilities to stay in a house away from the school.

The price varies depending on where you live and what country you are from. We understand that people from the USA, Canada, and Europe typically have more finances available than people in Latin America. We don’t want anyone to be unable to join because of the cost.

The standard cost includes enrollment, lodging, meals, and participation in local activities.
The standard cost will be 2500 US dollars for the three months. If you would like to have a family room or live in one of the houses outside the camp, that will cost extra.
Costs for mission trips at the end of the three months will be separate.

If you have the resources available, we welcome you to pay in full; however, if you don’t, please get in touch with us. We are here to follow Christ, and everyone belongs to Him already.

The school starts on August 19th and runs until November 22nd.
Families are welcome, and there will also be a program for kids.

If you feel like joining but have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or you can sign up here today.

We will review all applications and interview everyone before deciding who can join the school.

Luke 10 Virtual School

If you are eager to learn how to live the life of a Disciple of Jesus but can’t come and be physically present at a Luke 10 school, our Luke 10 Virtual School may be the perfect option to enroll and have a life-changing experience!
We’ve had excellent testimonials from our Virtual Schools and are excited to offer it again! Please apply to be part of our Luke 10 Virtual School now!

The Luke 10 Virtual School includes the three months of foundational teaching that can be viewed live or, if available, can be viewed later via recording. In addition to the teachings, there will be Virtual Small Groups that will take place through Zoom meetings where students can dig deeper into what they have learned, get to know each other personally, and challenge each other to grow.

We also encourage our virtual students to venture out on their own to evangelize in their locality or to find a friend or family member to support them so they can live the whole experience of a Luke 10 school.

The online school costs $500 UDS or $3,000 pesos.

Tuition for the 3 months:

Detailed tuition costs will be emailed to you once your application has been received. Below are preliminary costs for those who are on campus with no special accommodations. 

 $2500.00 single adults, 18 and older
$5000.00 for married couples
$1200.00 ages 8-17
$600.00 ages 5-7
Free for ages 4 & under
About accommodation.
Sleeping accommodations are dorm style bunks where single men and single women will be staying in separate dorms. Couples and families may be able to have their own room, but should be prepared for any changes to sleeping arrangements that are needed for the duration of the school. We are doing simple living and this is not a 5 star hotel but a training and disciple school for the whole family.

There is the option of staying off-campus in a rented house, but be prepared for many extra costs associated with that.

When that is said, we don’t want people to refrain from joining because of money. If you don’t have the money, let us know when you sign up, and we can discuss it. For people in Latin America, the price is lower as they typically earn much less.

*Please note that there may be additional expenses to you for things such as gas to and from the outreach and Kickstart events.

virtual school

Online  Learning Experience

Are you not able to physically join a Luke 10 School? No problem, we have another way for you to still have this life changing experience! Our Virtual School is our self-paced online learning experience that you can access from anywhere you are and learn how to be a Disciple of Jesus in your everyday life.

Through our Virtual Luke 10 School, you can still get the foundational teachings (bilingual-english & spanish) which can be viewed at your own pace, together with personal greetings from the staff and helpers. You can enjoy this online Virtual School individually or together with a group of friends and family. In addition to the teachings, we will also try to connect you with local people in your area to have the opportunity to form a Virtual Small Group where you would be able to virtually gather with others and dive deeper into what you have learned, get personal, challenge each other to grow, and make potential lifelong relationships

Teachings will be soon uploaded to our spanish YouTube Channel for you to access online. Sign up here if you would like to connect with other people in your area.

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