7 Days Adventure with God

7 Days Adventure with God
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It is a huge honor to present this movie to you. I know many of you have been following me on Youtube and Facebook and have seen the movie The Last Reformation: The Beginning or the Online Pioneer School. You know that life is a journey. That we are all disciples and we all need to learn and grow in our obedience and understanding of what God, by the Holy Spirit, has given us.

A lot has happened the last years. Today we see amazing things all over the world. Especially through the kickstart weekends where many people meet God and are getting kickstarted into this amazing life.

But it has not been easy for us to give you a full picture of what God is doing through these kickstart weekends. Because God is not only changing people’s life during the meetings, but also before the meeting, in the homes or wherever we are. It is not only me that is praying for people and seeing them healed or set free. That is something everyone is doing and everyone therefore has their own experience after a weekend like this. Afterwards many are continuing living this life.

why not make a movie?

A few months ago we went to Brazil to do a kickstart and it was so beautiful. On the flight back home I was thinking that it would be amazing if I could take the whole world with us on a kickstart like that one we just had in Brazil. I thought this would be amazing because I know that everyone that will join us on a week like this would be changed forever.

When I was thinking about this I suddenly got the idea: Let’s just do a movie about it and that way ‘invite’ everyone on a trip like this.

The idea to do a movie became really strong for me and I knew that God was in it.

Right away, I contacted my friend Robbert Dam from Holland and asked if this was something for him. If he was ready to make a movie and join me on a trip to Brazil.

Usually it is my friend Lebo Akatio who is the one doing our movies, but I knew he was too busy working on the next movie called The Last Reformation: The Life, which was also coming out in that period.

Therefore I’ve asked Robbert, even though I knew that this would be a big challenge for him. But he quickly said yes and we decided to also take Josué Studer, a young filmmaker from France, with us to help film. I also asked my friend Fabian Moreno to join again, since he had been there last time we were in Brazil.

So on this trip to Brazil we did not only film small videos like we normally do, but this time they would follow me for seven days and make a full-length documentary out of it.

Now, the movie is finished after months of hard work and I can say that I am really happy with the result!

It is not easy to capture all of the emotions we experienced in Brazil in a movie, but I believe that this movie will still be able to give you a better understanding of what this life is about.

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what is a life of discipleship?

This life is not just about the big meetings and it is not just about the numbers. It is about every individual person we meet. This life is about living every day with the Holy Spirit. It is about the power of the Holy Spirit. It is about being tired, but even though you are tired, you continue. It is about serving people. It is about laying down your life and giving everything you have to those people that you meet. It is about growing.

We all grow in the Lord and that happens when we take steps we have never taken before. Then we will see things that we have never seen before. I really think this movie has become amazing and I am sure that God will use it to touch many people’s hearts.

I want to tell you that this life is also for you. This is not about me and it is not about some special person, but it is about what God wants to do in all of us. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and He desires to do this in all of us. He wants us to grow and live this life we read about in the book of Acts. I hope that this movie will be a blessing to you and that you want to join us on this adventure with God.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. Please share this movie with the people you know so that it can also be a blessing in their lives. God bless you all.

I will end with giving a special thanks to Robbert for the amazing work he has done. And Josué and Fabian for everything they have helped with. You are an amazing team. 😉

Torben Søndergaard


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This is what we read in the Bible. Start to read the new testament, where all the answers can be found. If you have a church background, we highly recommend you watch the Online Pioneer School. It helps you to understand what the Bible is saying. Many believe things because of the traditions in their background and read the Bible with certain “glasses” on. These 24 lessons help you to remove those.

You can also contact disciples near you and meet with them. We have a website with a world map where disciples in your area can make themselves known, so you can get in touch with them.

Yes, it is! We ship them in packages of 1 and 10. You can order them here.

This family was close friends with the people whose home we stayed at. Not long after we went home again, a big tragedy happened that shocked many. The family died in a tragic car accident. They appear in the very first clip of the movie.

The movie has subtitles in around 30 languages. If you click on the settings button on the Youtube video, you can select your language.

If your language is not in this list, it’s easy to contribute yourself using Youtube Community Contributions.

The latest report we got from the family said that she is not healed yet. But that she is very strong in Jesus Christ. She spends her days, praying to God, studying the bible and preaching the gospel to ALL that come in her house. They are very thankful to God for everything, even though she is not healed yet.

We used royalty free music from different composers. The Brazilian song you hear at some time in the movie is called ‘Nome sobre todo nome’ performed by Davi Silva.

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