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Pioneer Training School

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The Pioneer Training School (PTS) is a 3 week course, that for many of you will be the start of a whole new life, that continues afterwards and elsewhere in the world!

A PTS consists of teaching, discipleship, working on spreading the Gospel, walking to the streets healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing in water and Holy Spirit, travel and much more. 

You will be taught the word of God and we provide instruction and practical training in healing the sick, preaching the gospel, leading people to salvation and so on.

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For many years we have been running 3 week PTS’s all over the world and the results have been amazing. Now you can be part of one as well. Curious about what it’s like? Read on and learn all there is to it!

In a Pioneer Training School we look at character and Spirit, we look at what the Gospel is all about with repentance, baptism in water and baptism in the Holy Spirit. We also look at identity and who we are in Christ, as well as how to be led by the Holy Spirit and what it means to believe in Jesus. We look at fasting and how we obey the call of Jesus that He has given to us. 

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Yes, you will stay on the location for the duration of the school.

It varies depending on the location. Click on the school of your choice for more information.

Often this is possible, but not always. Please contact the leader of the specific school and ask about it.

If you join with young children, be aware that it’s not possible to follow the whole program for both parents, since your children need attention. Also some parts of the program, like the Luke 10 mission trip are difficult to do with children – usually one parent stays home during this trip.