Jesus Tour USA

Jesus Tour USA

Torben is heading to  California but making

a few stops along the way

God has called Torben and his family to Southern California to start work down there, and hopefully, they will have a camp there at the beginning of the new year! This school will be a bilingual camp focusing on California and America and Mexico and Latin America.

But before they get to California they have a few stops along the way to do a One Night Only Kickstart!


They will do meetings in Alabama, Texas, and Arizona.

join us here

events all over the world

revival in america

come and help

Maybe you will join us on the road? Maybe you will be part of this by supporting us and helping to get this started? Maybe you have a tent, motorhome, bus, or chairs you’d like to donate or sell cheap?

what we need
and how you can help

Let’s stand together in this. This is much bigger than us. We need your help. We need your prayers. And we need workers. Also, come and join the meetings out there! Check the video above to see how you can help.

frequently asked questions about the jesus tour usa

It is a big project to take the tent revival all over America and there’s a big team involved. There are many ways in which you can help and get this done. One of them is to donate a gift. Another way for you to donate is if you have an old motorhome or rv trailer you are not using, and you want to donate this or sell very cheap then please contact us through email.

We have several people on our team who are right now looking for an RV to be able to join us out on the road.

It’s all about relationship. We need to get to know each other. So the best way to join this team is to come as close to us as possible and that is to join one or more events we’re hosting. You can find out when there’s an event starting on our website here.

If you cannot join a Luke 10 school, then join us out on the road when we are out having our 8/10-days Mobile Pioneer Training School. Or join us at the Tent Revival. Come and join us. Come and say hi to us and let us meet you face-to-face and talk about what options there are for you to join us further on the road.

We are so thankful for people who want to have the tent revival in their city. But we really encourage you to only send an invitation if you are serious and you have a place for us to put all of the tents up.

What we are in need of is a space for 2 big tents. One is 120×80 and the other is 50×75 feet. Besides the tents we have 10 – 15 motorhomes/RVs and that number will grow in time. We would like to camp near the 2 big tents. So what we are in need of is a kind of campground or big area where we could set up some toilets and where there is water and if we can have electricity that would be the best. Otherwise, we are coming with all the equipment ourselves, with a generator and what we need to use.

So, if you want to invite us and have a place send us an email stating:

  • the location of your place
  • the size of your place
  • if you have water and/or electricity 
  • if there’s a sewerage for our RV’s and trailers (not a must, would be nice though)
  • the size of your team

The revival meetings are open for everyone. You don’t need to signup and you are welcome to drop in at the revival meetings in the evenings. You do need to sign up for the Mobile Pioneer Training School. You will need to be there from the beginning to the end because it is a training school where we go through a lot of different teachings everyday. There is a small fee involved to join this MPTS, we will provide you with food while you are there.

If you want to join the kickstart weekend you need to sign up as well. There’s a $10 signup fee, which you can get refunded when you come to the meeting. The reason we charge a refundable signup fee is that we see many fake signups where people signup without showing up. We need to have an idea how many people are coming to the kickstart weekend, so we can prepare all that’s needed.

Please go the Upcoming Events page to see when there’s an event you would like to attend.

Within our tent revival we have three things going on at the same time. The first thing is the revival meetings that happen in the evenings at 7 P.M. They start on Friday and go on until Thursday the next week. Those revival meetings are open for everyone and people can drop in whenever they want and they don’t need to signup. 

Besides this we are running a Mobile Pioneer Training School in the daytime. That is from Saturday on to Sunday of the next week, so 8 days in total. To attend this school, you do need to signup. At this school there will be teaching and training every day, there will also be outreaches and students will have the opportunity to join the team in the evening and help to pray for people at the revival meeting. The end of the Mobile Pioneer Training School is the kickstart weekend.

This kickstart weekend is the third thing we have. You can join as a student of the Mobile Pioneer Training School, but you can also just join the kickstart weekend. In that case, you need to signup. The kickstart weekend is a three-day hands on training program about discipleship, how to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons and be led by the Holy Spirit to make disciples in your everyday life.

So you are welcome to just come and join the revival meetings in the evenings. Remember to signup in case you want to join the Mobile Pioneer Training School or the kickstart weekend. 

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