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Strong baptism in the Holy Spirit!

Strong baptism in the Holy Spirit!

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About a year after I was saved god set up an encounter with my brother, he was interested in receiving the Holy Spirit and didn’t know how, but did not ask me, until a few days went by I was speaking to him and I felt to tell him about how everything from god is free because there’s nothing we can do to earn gods favor or Holy Spirit, it is purely by grace. Once I told him this he said that is strange because he had been asking god for the Holy Spirit and trying to get it, he also wondered okay should he stop smoking weed and cigs first but now he knew it was completely free and we are to come as we are for god himself to do the work in us by his spirit. I said okay I think I have to pray for you… and then I was compelled to lay hands on him and just said over and over again “holy spirit come” next thing my brother is getting completely whacked by Holy Spirit and so did I!! For about an hour and a half we just stood there with our hands up trembling and crying and laughing under gods spirit, it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had since being born again, thank you Jesus it’s all possible through you.

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