First healing I saw through my own hands, praise Jesus!

First healing I saw through my own hands, praise Jesus!

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Today is the day! 5/12/2020!!!

Today was the very first healing thru my own hands that I have ever experienced! Praise Jesus that He would use a guy like me to do something like this! I will never be the same!
I was having breakfast with two other godly men this morning at a small dinner in Hutchinson, Kansas. One of the men with me was a mentor of mine and he showed up this morning very discouraged that he was not hearing from the Lord for direction of the Church lately. My wife and I had just had him over about a week ago to watch “The Last Reformation: The Beginning.” No doubt, that my friend believes that God can do these things thru His Son and Holy Spirit, but like me, we had not actually experienced it thru our own hands or actually seen it with our own eyes in an everyday experience. When you see someone else doing it, or you only hear about healings, doubt and scepticism can take over.
This morning the Lord was very clear with us that He was wanting to show us what He wants His Church to look like and what He wants of His Body of Believers.
Our waitress came over and my friend says (pointing at me): “This guy is getting ready to leave for Mexico on missions and we are here praying and just seeking God together… Is there anything that you need prayer for?” She hesitated and I said: “Do you have pain anywhere in your body?” Without hesitating, she said: “Oh yes, my lower back. I have been in pain since 2016. I have a bulging disc, but do not want surgery. I have been self treating it in any way that I can.” I replied: ” Would you be open to prayer?’ She responded: “Yes, I am open to anything that will help me.” I told her we would need a few minutes of her time and that we did not want to get her in any trouble. She said that she would need a little time to get away. During this time I continued to speak boldly that the Lord wants to heal her so that she may come to know Him, but also He wanted to make Himself known to us. I noticed that I became fearful as we waited for the opportunity. I was eating my breakfast and even noticed the fork shaking in my hand. I had lost my appetite. No matter what, I was determined to be obedient. I also realized that she was probably fearful. I did not think that she would return, but we made it clear that we would wait. She came back to our table and I asked her if she was ready. She said, “yes.” I said that I wanted to sit her down in a chair and asked if she wanted to go somewhere else to do it. She grabbed a chair and pulled it up to our table. I actually had no thoughts of anyone else being around us or watching us, but no doubt, the restaurant was full, and we were in the middle of it. As I took her legs in my hands, it was very visible that she had one leg shorter than the other by 3/4″. I told her that, and showed my friends. I prayed: ” In the Name of Jesus, I command all joints to come into alignment and all pain to go away.” I looked. There was no change. I did not fear, just realized that we needed to continue to pray. I prayed the same prayer again. This time I felt the legs move. I looked and the shorter leg had moved about a 1/4″. I told her: “your leg just grew.” She said: “I felt it grow.” I told her that it had grown a 1/4″. I continued to pray with more confidence and as I prayed I could feel her leg continue to grow. After about 3 or 4 simple commands, her legs were the same length. I was so excited. I told her, maybe quite loudly:” Your legs are now the same length… Did you feel it?” She had felt it!! I told her to stand up and test the pain level. She got up and walked around and had no more pain. I asked her to bend over and touch her toes. As she bent over, she laughed and said: “I haven’t been able to touch my toes for over two years.” I said: “Do you know who has just healed you?” She started to say that I had healed her, but I stopped her and told her that Jesus Christ had healed her and that He wanted her to come to know Him. I also asked her if she had any idea how many people God had healed by using me before? She started to say many, but again I corrected her and told her that this was the very first time Jesus had healed anyone thru me, and that He not only was introducing Himself to her, but was also showing the three of us men how He wants to use His Church Body.
Thank You Lord Jesus for bringing me to this place with You and giving us vision on what we are to do from now on. Thank You for getting me excited about this new life and give me the courage and strength to always be obedient in this new direction.

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