Gang member healed!

Gang member healed!

This testimony was published on the TLR Map.

We were in a park in Elizabeth City, NC when a local gang member came to ask a question. I told him I saw he was limping badly and he said his knee was really messed up. I asked if he wanted it made well and he said “Yes.” I commanded healing and then told him to begin walking. He got about 12 steps from me and turned around with this really surprised look on his face and said “my knee feels much better.” I saw he was still limping slightly so again commended all pain to go and healing to come in Jesus’ Name. Sadly he was more interested in getting away than to hearing about Jesus, but he knew he had encountered Jesus and walked away effortlessly. He left with our contact card and knows we are there often – Jesus will not leave him alone and we will see him again.

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