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‘When these pieces came together the productivity of fruit in my life exploded.’

‘When these pieces came together the productivity of fruit in my life exploded.’

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In August 2011 my life hit rock bottom. I was very distant from God having lived for many years in drug addiction and suicidal depression. One day feeling so hopeless & suicidal, I prayed that God would take my life away. Just a week after that prayer, my aunt invited me to a church service where I saw things there that made the Bible come alive! The sick were being healed and people were speaking in tongues, just like in the Book of Acts.

I prayed to God once more that if I would attend that church one more time, God would do a miracle for me. That night, the pastor received supernatural information from God that someone had come to church needing deliverance from drug addiction. That night changed the entire direction of my life. God had made Himself real to me as faith, hope, and love filled my soul.

The healing and restoring power of Jesus Christ came into my life and I was delivered from drug addiction and suicidal depression. I stopped all psychiatric medications and never went back to see any doctors. As I continued to attend church & hear the gospel preached, I realized that the call of Jesus was for anyone that would accept.

Within just a few weeks of first encountering God, the Holy Spirit gave me boldness and I went out on the streets healing the sick, knocking on doors & sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone that would listen. I moved away to attend Bible School in Pennsylvania and started a home fellowship. The power of the Holy Spirit was present in this home fellowship group of young adults. This group was seeking God with all their hearts seeing demons cast out, the sick healed, and people being filled with the Holy Spirit, just like in the Bible.

After finishing Bible School, I helped with two church plants, then became an associate pastor. The Holy Spirit then opened doors for me as an evangelist traveling doing revivals in America and crusades in other nations. During all this time in ministry I was seeing fruit, but not enough. I was seeing miracles consistently and lives changed but the fruit that I was producing wouldn’t remain. I realized this was because I wasn’t making disciples.

I wasn’t training others to do what I was doing because I didn’t really quite know how. I got connected with Torben through a friend and went to a Luke 10 School. God brought together many of the pieces I was missing from the big picture. Like for instance, the importance of baptism.

When these pieces came together the productivity of fruit in my life exploded. And it remained. And it reproduced. And it continues to reproduce. It’s all about pleasing God by making disciples and obeying the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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