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I had cluster headaches (aka ‘suicide headdache’)

I had cluster headaches (aka ‘suicide headdache’)

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I had to live for more than 10 years with cluster headaches. It is better known as suicide headache. In this world it is known as an incurable disease. I even needed oxygen during these headaches. That is how terrible it was.

I went to my local church and one of the elders anointed me with oil, but nothing seem to work. I even went to a healing service, but also this was in vain.

One day I had an other attack of this suicide headache. I was worshipping the Father and gave Him praise during this attack. I confessed that by forgave my sins and by his stripes I’m healed. Suddenly during the praise and worship the pain moved away. I went on my knees and praised Him. I have been healed by ABBA Father from suicide headache 10 years ago! Till this day I’m still fully healed. After this I promised that I would go out and heal the sick and cast out demons.

A lady who had cancer in Curacao got healed from cancer, after the moment I prayed for her. She got baptized and now she is serving ABBA Father. I have prayed for a man in Friesland in a wheelchair after two months he was able to leave that wheelchair. In Uganda I prayed for a man who laid in a hospital with the HIV virus. There is a video that he got healed and delivered from this. Also people with crutches and muslim people who had back pain or pain in their foot have been healed. I have a lot of healing testimonies and people who got delivered from demons in Suriname.

I believe it is a way of life and it is a lifestyle. Now I’m also training people how to evangelise, how to heal the sick and how to bring the message of repentance and forgiveness to the lost. Those people are now also stepping out in delivering other people. I give all the glory to my master and King all the praise goes to ABBA Father.

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