Three people got healed!

Three people got healed!

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Three healing miracles in a row! In a meeting there were 3 people with physical injuries who desired to be healed. A man with a stiff shoulder; a lady whose left hand had been numb for years and another lady with a knee issue.
One of the ladies who has been coming to the “Home Fellowship” commanded healing to come into the man’s shoulder and he was instantly healed-able to lift his arm above his head and move it in a full circle.
The pain in the ladies knee began to immediately ease and she was able to walk without pain. In a previous meeting she had been healed of arthritis in her hand; her knuckles were swollen to the size of quarters and before several of her lifelong friends watched as the swelling literally melt away.
The feeling in the 3rd lady’s numb hand immediately returned and she was able to make a fist for the first time in years.

These miracles open the door to an introduction to JESUS as Savior and Lord!!!!

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