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We prayed before going out on to the streets and the Lord showed us where to go and what to look for, ‘Yellow building’. So, the Holy Spirit led the disciples of Jesus into the harvest, to find a Yellow building. Walking up the stairs by the beach, we found them by the Yellow building. Marvin and Amos approached them and asked if anyone wanted prayer for healing.
“Yeah, my shoulder,” Max admitted. After a short prayer in Jesus’ Name, Max was healed. He was shocked that Jesus just healed him. This was the start to a number of them getting healed.

“Yeah, I have back pain,” James was up next and Amos scrambled to get the camera out to start filming. One after another, as the guys came up, Jesus healed them of different injuries and pain.

“He’s real, He’s alive…” Amos and Marvin began to preach the good news of Jesus Christ and the response to the gospel.
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