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I was lost in drug abuse, sexual sin, hated myself and hated others…

I was lost in drug abuse, sexual sin, hated myself and hated others…

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I was lost in drug abuse, sexual sin, hated myself and hated others.

My wife has kinda the same history.

Jesus set us free and then we started going to church and got weight down again.

Found TLR, watched the movies, went to a school, and got set free from spirits of religion and equipped to do the work of the ministry of seeing believers and non believers born again, filled with Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.

Since the school we’ve baptized around 15 people in water and precious Holy Spirit. 3 were family members and 2 more family members are ready when we visit them soon.
This is what we’ve learned in a nutshell.

The true Gospel gets to the point and puts the ball in the listeners court to make a decision, either yes everything for Christ, or no deny Christ (or continue “believing in Him” but not following Him)

The Gospel is an invitation to follow Christ. Here and now.

Not an invitation to heaven one day while we continue in sin today. That’s deception.

God is patient and His ways are mysterious; works and words of love go a long way of opening people eyes to see the acceptance and mercy and forgiveness of God, and great seeds are planted that way. But without an invitation to deny themselves and follow Christ, to leave the life of sin, and self willed goals, people will just think “ God loves me just where I am” and doesn’t expect me to completely surrender my life to Him.

I heard someone once say, “God will love sinners straight to hell.”

And biblically it’s true.
It’s His will that no man should perish! But what WE do with that love determines our eternal destiny! He doesn’t force us to be saved, but He’s given us everything we need to be.

God did everything by sending Jesus to die the most horrific death ever died, for our sin. But if we still choose to love our sin and live in it, have we really believed and received what He has offered us, salvation from sin?

Just because someone bought me a ticket to the soccer game doesn’t mean I have to show up. If I don’t go claim my ticket then I’ll miss the game!

Jesus paid the price for my sin, but if I don’t repent from sin, get baptized in water and receive the Holy Spirit. I still haven’t claimed my salvation.

I say all this because for years I fasted and prayed and sought His face. My life decisions were made by the leading of His Spirit. But when I shared the love of Jesus on the streets and cafes and anywhere I was, through healings prophetic words and the tangible presence of God. I didn’t know what to do from there!

What about repentance? Even if I said they needed to give up sin.. how? And then what? What about the old body? Baptism was just a symbol so no big deal if we waited on that… OR EVER did it!

What about the Holy Spirit? Just because some “felt God” or a tingle or a peace doesn’t mean they have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. How can you be immersed in God’s presence and immediately go back to life as usual?

Jesus loves us, and His love is unconditional. And He will unconditionally love us to hell. Just the same way a mother will unconditionally love her son as he overdoses on herion!!!

Through TLR and the BIBLE I’ve begun to understand all of Jesus’s love through miracles, healings, signs, wonders are meant awake us up to be born again! To turn from our sin and live for God!

Ok, you’ve truly experience my unconditional love? Go and sin no more..

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