Testimony of a Muslim man from Yemen.

Testimony of a Muslim man from Yemen.

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My Christian faith is sufficient reason for my death.

My name is Ghassan Mohssen Naji Abd Saleh I was born in Yemen, my parents were muslims. As any muslim family they were letting me pray for them, God and learn me how to be like them. My mom R.I.P in 2001 and my father complete his life with his 2nd wife. As any muslim stepmom she was torturing me and because of her I became homeless when I was 17 years old. I lived in the badest place in the world. I was sleeping under trees, on the beach and I had to leave my study. In Aden and after the civil war in 2015 when I was on the Internet I read somthing about Bible and something inside of me guided me to read more about Bible. I started to read and with every day I felt deep comfortable. I was scary at the beginning… I think everyone knows what it means to be a Christian in Yemen. I start to love my God, I start to know how much Jesus loves us.

My life completely changed. I found good job and I rent a house. I was praying in home and I never ever told anyone that I believe in God Jesus, because this thing could kill me in a country full of terrorists in every inch. And this actually happened in March 2017, when I was kidnapped from a terrorist group, imprisoned and attempted to kill me. I was able to escape at the time when I bartered my escape with one of the terrorist elements and actually I ran away and hide and changed my place of residence.  I have many questions, the most important of which is how did they know that I converted to Christianity? I knew that whoever I worked for was monitoring the websites I open from the work computer. As his behavior was strange in recent months, after which my story began circulating in Aden that there was someone calling people to Christianity and they issued many fatwas to kill me and violate my blood. Until May 2018 I was hiding I was afraid. I had to go out to buy some medicine after my health worsened due to lack of food, stress and deep thinking. In that moment I realized I am afraid of the creatures and the strength of the Lord the Son is with me and the love of the Father in my heart and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my soul. I felt psychological comfort and decided to go out to buy basic needs, and the result is that they watched me and I was caught up in my car. They were masked and were driving a motorbike. They fired 3 shots at my car while I was driving near the field hospital for Doctors Without Borders. The Holy Spirit instructed me in this moment to hide in the hospital yard. I was hit in the chest and the right finger was broken. Christ saved my life, and Doctors Without Borders treated me. After that I decided to leave Yemen, the country that brought me nothing but hate. I decided to leave Muslim countries. At that time, the options were not many for me. Had to live in Egypt since 2018 and until now I am learning the Bible in the Evangelical Palace of Dubara Church. I am trying to adapt and not go into problems as the rights of Christians in Egypt are not very different from Yemen. Rights if we are attacked by Muslims who refuse to be among them. I did not complain all my life and I did not ask God to protect me, because He knows and always protects me. Over the past years, my father did not know because he moved to live in a province far from Aden. I received a message from him today that he is coming to Egypt to kill me. I feel scared. I could not sleep. I do not know what to do. The church here does not have many options to help me. I fought for many years, I know my father well, he will reach me whatever I do. My father works as a military officer in the government of Yemen and has many relations here in Egypt, where the ruling regime is a military regime. Pray for me, if my father killed me please tell the world my story. Tell people that there is a lot from the injustice I witnessed because of my choice of salvation and eternal life, I have not regretted all my life because many of the 11 messengers of the Lord Jesus have died the venerable of this message. I am still alive and I will tell you my brothers if something new happens. I am currently hiding in the unrestricted house of the Egyptian authorities.
03 September 2020, after I received confirmation that my father is coming to Egypt and intends to take me to Yemen and kill me there, I moved to Dubai because the options were not great for me. I currently live in Dubai with a renewed visitor visa. I cannot get residency because the Yemenis are marked with terrorism, and this is true. I currently live in shared housing with a group of workers, where I work in a restaurant temporarily to secure a place to live. I hope that if I live in the service of the Lord Jesus, I will let the Holy Spirit guide me to the right choices. I want to be in a safe place please help me. God bless you

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