Jonathan’s Testimony.

Jonathan’s Testimony.

This testimony was published on the TLR Map.

On the way to Jerusalem Central Station, young girls wearing skirts gave me a note that I put in my pocket. I took out the note on the bus and it was “The Lord’s Prayer” (in Hebrew). I started reading it and while reading I felt a heat coming into my body. Tears came down to me and I felt like someone had taken my heart and started breaking it with a hammer. Then I got to my mom’s house and forgot about it.

After maybe a few months, I remembered this and searched the word “Lord’s Prayer” on the Internet. I came to a site called “” and there I saw a videotaped testimony of a guy like me who says he came to Jesus in the United States. When he started talking about Jesus, I shed tears, I really wanted to talk to him about it. I sent a message on the site and he got back to me. As soon as he said “Come and pray,” I was afraid of it and got “cold feet.” I was not ready for this. After that he did not come back to me anymore. After a few months I felt in my heart that I was ready to step forward to the end. I sent a message on the site again, and someone else came back to me and linked me to a local community as well as to a community in Tel Aviv. A guy from the local community called me and invited me to a meeting on Saturday. When I entered the community, a woman hugged me and said, “Welcome to the community!” When they started singing and playing to God, I felt his presence for the first time and it was amazing! After a while I was baptized and felt waves of love from God, but still did not receive the gift of tongues, which I received afterwards.

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