Luciferian delivered of demons: “I feel like I died”

Luciferian delivered of demons: “I feel like I died”

This testimony was published on the TLR Map.

We asked Jesus to bring us someone who needed to know Him. Not 2 minutes later, a young man came up to us to ask for money to which Rochelle said “We have something better.” We were able to befriend him and he met us 2 days later.

We shared the gospel with him, and reading John 10:10 to him:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

He began to weep, knowing Jesus had a better plan for his life. He said he wanted to know Jesus and Ro began to lead David in prayer. He began to manifest demonically, falling onto a dining table, scattering patrons as he began clawing and growling. Friends of ours stood by in amazement as the Holy Spirit set him free.

He sat up and said “I feel like I died” to which we said “You did but you are now born-again.” Looking out the window he said “WOW! WOW! Look at that… it’s (the world) never looked that way before! It looks brand new!

This was a true born-again experience and cemented our awareness that water-baptism and discipleship must follow repentance & salvation.

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