‘Thank you for praying out loud’

‘Thank you for praying out loud’

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Something incredible happened at the outreach in West Vancouver yesterday!

We met together at the picnic tables and a guy named Benjamin joined us for the first time. We shared some testimonies and then prayed together, as per usual, before splitting up to go and talk to people on the beach.

Well, we only had just finished praying and a man at a picnic table nearby cried out ‘Amen, thank you for praying out loud’. Then he asked us to pray for all the members of his family by name.

He was weeping and as we asked him to join us he threw himself down on the table begging forgiveness from God and shouting ‘Please Abba, clean me’. He was a man broken and desperate and he wanted to be baptised. He was so desperate that as he stumbled, and even fell to the ground. He was removing his things, leaving a trail of clothes and belongings behind him.

Sergey and Benjamin baptised him and unclean spirits left him as he retched and cried out to God. Then his eyes brightened with joy and he flung himself at Benjamin and clung to him as if he’d never let go. He was an educated man with bank account, but misery and hurt had him living rough. God was at work today! All glory and praise to his name and the name of his son, Jesus!

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Mnoho vecí, ktoré dnes vidíme v cirkvi, je založených na niečom inom ako len na Novom zákone. Často stoja na Starom zákone, tradícii, zvyklostiach v cirkvi a na pohanstve. Je preto veľmi dôležité, aby sme sa my ako Boží ľud pozastavili, bližšie sa pozreli na dnešnú cirkev a porovnali ju s prvou cirkvou, o ktorej môžeme čítať v Biblii. Ak máme uspieť v úlohe činiť učeníkov zo všetkých národov, potom sa potrebujeme navrátiť k „modelu“, ktorý nachádzame iba v Biblii.