There are things out there which are fake, and we need to keep away from those things. There can be people who are pulling on a shoe like you see here, and that is very wrong. It’s sad that this is happening.

But it’s also wrong and sad that there are people out there who are throwing away the REAL THING because they think it’s all fake.

This video is to show you that you cannot trust all the skeptics out there, and just because something is sometimes faked doesn’t mean everything is fake! Just because there’s a YouTuber who says something is fake, doesn’t mean they’re right.

As you see here, it’s also not about whether the leg is growing or not, it’s about the healing that’s happening in the body. If the leg is growing and becoming even, but the back and hip pain continues without any change, then why rejoice over it? Did a healing really take place?

But if a leg grows out and the back is healed, and the hip is aligned, and many years of pain are gone, and people are thanking Jesus for that healing, then rejoice with them! How dare you say it’s fake?

Don’t be too quick to throw the baby out with the bath water. You can know a tree by their fruit. If the fruit is healing, and people are receiving the Gospel and becoming disciples of Christ, then let’s rejoice because of that!

In this video, you see a REAL, beautiful healing! The video was recorded by our good friend David and his wife Hannah who were in our training school. You can see the text below showing what David wrote about what happened:

“My wife Hannah and I met Chad and his wife Jessamy at TJMaxx, in South Carolina. Jessamy was walking with a walker because of her knee pain, and Chad’s feet were hurting with level 10 pain. After prayer, they both got healed from level 10 pain to 0 pain! Jessamy no longer needs a walker!

We talked about discipleship and about walking in the fullness of our LORD Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Chad told us he’d been praying that same morning. This was an answer to his prayer!

Jessamy repented of her sins and got delivered from many things. She was weeping, but in the middle of the deliverance the Holy Spirit suddenly filled her up and she started speaking in a new tongue!

This has happened with us before, where the Holy Spirit comes into a person and they receive Him, fully overflowing and speaking in tongues right away in the middle of deliverance! Praise God!!

My wife interpreted the tongues, and then prayed to God that Chad would receive the interpretation of tongues, and he did! See this in the video!

Both Chad and Jessamy received more healing when their legs grew out. You can actually hear Jessamy’s leg growing out in the video.

Chad’s body had been damaged from a car accident over 10 years ago, and he had no cartilage in his left hip, but his hip and back pain got healed in Jesus’ name!

Jessamy said she felt so free, and a peace she’s never felt before! She’s overdue in her pregnancy but knew she needed to get baptized. She wanted to bury her old life – her old self, and rise new with Jesus Christ, to be free from sin!

God had this all planned because June 10th is also the same day Chad was water baptized years before!

They both gave us words of wisdom and knowledge before we parted. It’s so amazing to see how the LORD works!

Praise Jesus, it was awesome to see such an outpouring of love, healing and restoration! It was non-stop, as you can see in the videos! We thought it was over, and then there was more, and we had to record again, and again, but sorry there was some missed footage – especially from Jessamy’s deliverance and receiving the Holy Spirit.

Chad and Jessamy had both been through a very hard past. But praise the LORD, through it all they had not lost their faith in Christ!

Chad and Jessamy are truly rich in faith! Chad lost his job recently, and at the time of this video, they are over 9 months pregnant with no home, but are going out and sharing the Good News and praying for people! We gave them what we could to help, but if anyone feels compelled to help them in any way, or if anyone is in the South Carolina area and want to meet this beautiful couple, please message me or connect directly with them. They are really living this Luke 10 life!

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