My New Book “The Call Of Jesus” Is Now Out 😉 – This Call, If You Choose To Obey It…

My New Book “The Call Of Jesus” Is Now Out 😉 – This Call, If You Choose To Obey It…
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My New Book “The Call Of Jesus” Is Now Out 😉 – This Call, If You Choose To Obey It, Will Transform Not Only Your Life, But Also The Lives Of Those Around You!

After 2 1/2 years it’s finally here! And in a time when the world is going crazy! A coincidence? NO WAY! God is in control!!
It’s time to understand that you don’t need to stand on a platform in Africa, or on a platform in a church building to serve Jesus! It’s time to understand that your home is your church… your kitchen is your platform… your bathtub is where people can get baptized!
The world is changing and so is the church… The church as we know it will never be able to exist in the future….
In many places, we’re already seeing big meetings closing down, and people only able to meet in small groups….
WOW! This can only end good! The harvest is ready, and it’s TIME that we wake UP and start to live the life Jesus has called us all to!
This book is here to prepare THE CHURCH for the FUTURE, by helping us to obey Jesus and the call HE has given us all!
God wants us to be ready for the future – and this will be in small groups all over, in homes, instead of in big fine churches where many have been sitting and falling sleep….
We’re all called to FOLLOW JESUS – TO SERVE HIM – TO DO MINISTRY! ALL OF US – not only just a few pastors and leaders!
We’re standing in front of the greatest harvest ever seen – and it will not come from one super evangelist… This will come by all of us… every member of the Body of Christ starting to obey the CALL JESUS HAS GIVEN US!

I’m really excited about this!
Together with my new book, I will do a whole new video series… One video for every chapter in the book…
26 chapters…. 26 videos!
I hope you’re ready for this!
You can now get the book on Amazon, as a print or ebook!

Later, you can also get it through our website (even for free if you don’t have money). This is for everyone!

The text on the back of the book is this:
The words of Jesus still have the power to transform the world and set people free. Unfortunately, the problem we have seen over the last 2000 years is that religion and the traditions of men have been slowly pulling people far away from the simple truth and original Call of Jesus.
The Call of Jesus, by Torben Søndergaard, is a forceful reminder of the simple yet powerful and transforming Call that Jesus gave to all. Through Jesus’ words in Luke chapter 10, Torben brings clarity and revelation to what it actually is that Jesus called us to. He shows in a simple way how we can obey Jesus’ call, and experience the same fruit the church saw in the time of the early disciples. The harvest is ready but the workers are few. This Call, if you choose to obey it, will transform not only your life but also the lives of those around you! Jesus is calling you! Will you accept His Call?
Please share this video! Share the news and let’s see a revival like never before!
The ebook:

The printed book:

Please write a customer review on Amazon when you’ve read the book! 🙂

God bless you
Torben Søndergaard

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