Today TLR got the first Jesus Center in USA (The ARK)

Today TLR got the first Jesus Center in USA (The ARK)
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The TLR ARK is ours 😉 what an amazing day!

We (The Last Reformation USA) just signed the papers for the new TLR center today 😉

Today is really a new beginning for us and many others. First we signed the papers for the new TLR Jesus Center here in North Carolina, The Last Reformation: The Ark.

We started today with a 6-month lease to give more time for the other house to be sold etc. (see more in this video where I share the amazing story.)

Today we signed the papers and it was big. You really feel like you are in the small beginning of something very big. It was a beginning we will always look back on. Here it all started.

Today the owners handed the baton over and we took it and are so ready to run with this place. We are ready to see lives change at this place and we already saw that happening today.

A few days ago I met a young woman and her beautiful little daughters at Chick-fil-A. I talked to her and felt I should give her some money.

Later she wrote this:
“Hi my name is … I didn’t get to say my name at Chick-fil-A! Thank you so much for you kindness! Again! I wanted to reach out so you had my number… I have never experienced anybody with such a kind heart and I just thank you so much!!”

We started to write and she saw our movies. Today she came with her mom and 2 siblings and little 11-month-old daughter. We shared the gospel with them and she first received the Holy Spirit and really met God. Then her mom was set free from some hurt and her sister fell down and got set free, and it was all so powerful. It was amazing to see the whole family meet God like this and we are for sure going to see them much more since they live close by. Yes it was also a new beginning for that family!

So a good start on a new adventure. We got the baton today and we got started.

Now we really need to work and make the new Jesus Center ready for the first school we will start in the middle of November.

This was an amazing day. I am excited to see what God will do at this new place. I will soon share more pictures about the Jesus Ark and tell more about the school we will start mid-November. Something big is on the way.

If you live nearby and like to help practical then contact us. If you like to help with getting this place up running you are also welcome to give here:

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