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We were out in town one day and just about to have dinner when we noticed a man sitting near us wearing a hat and silver chains around his neck, who looked like he wanted something to eat. We saw this as a good opportunity to share the gospel with him, so my Mum started a conversation with the young man named Sid, and we found out that he had just left prison two weeks ago.

My Dad soon took over the conversation and began preaching to him and asked him if he’s ready to be baptized, he answered “soon” with a strong Jamaican accent which is a very common response here in Jamaica, but we said he could be baptized now just like Paul quoted in Acts 22:16. And that was it. We were soon heading to the beach again which was just around the corner after we had brought Sid some soup.

It was actually 6:00 pm at the time and the beach was closed, but the security guards at the beach who know us well let us through for free to baptize people which is a blessing. So there and then on the beautiful beach of Ocho Rios with tall coconut and palm trees surrounding us, Dad buried the old Sid, and up came the new Sid, a child of God.
After being baptized he said that he felt like a burden had lifted off him, and he also felt that some anger that he had towards some people had gone. Praise Jesus. “I feel like a new man,” Sid said.

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