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One week we met a brother who was on a missionary trip with a team of 78. They were from the USA and were going into schools ministering and also had a construction team building houses.

That night was their last night in Jamaica and they had a special outreach crusade in town where many turned up to worship and hear the gospel.
Steven got talking to one of the guys from the team who was part of the construction team working with Teen Challenge. They got onto the subject of baptism of the Holy Spirit and he said that he was baptised in the a Holy Spirit but not water baptised. So when Steven asked him what it meant to him to be baptised, he said it was an outward expression of an inner change. Steven showed him that wasn’t anywhere in the Bible. Although in the UK and the US we often hear people say the same thing.

Steven then went on to explain what baptism is and how it is death of the old self and resurrection to life in Christ Jesus and is a supernatural act of God. He told us that he always dreamed to be baptised in Jamaica. Steven asked if he would like to be baptised that night, to which he excitedly agreed.

We all took him down to the beach and witnessed this wonderful occasion with his wife and a few members of the team standing by watching. Steven later followed him up and he said that he had a new hunger to read the word of God. Glory to our God and His grace that saves.

What an amazing way to finish a mission!

Here is david’s own statement:
​”Awesome. Getting more into the Bible now, which has always been a weakness of mine. I feel like God is holding me more accountable!!!”

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