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It was like throwing gasoline on the fire!

It was like throwing gasoline on the fire!

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My beautiful daughter Amy lives in Austin and she invited me to visit and spend several days around New Years with her.

On New Years Eve, as we were preparing to go to dinner, a friend of hers named Juanita showed up to wish her happy New Year. When she entered, I noticed her cane and a severe limp. My mind began working as I mustered up the courage to talk about her leg issues…

She said she had shin bone and knee damage and lots of pain, couldn’t dance anymore and was frustrated. Again, I took a deep breath and decided to step out in faith.

I never prayed for anyone up to this point. I told her I could help with her leg and explained about the church. I ended up laying hands on her knee/leg area and commanded complete restoration and also commanded all leg/knee pain to go NOW. She said she felt hot all over and very light! I was trying to contain my excitement at that point because, I knew Jesus was doing His thing.

I told her to stand and check her pain. I took her cane and told her to walk around the room. No limp, no pain! My daughter and I were blown away!

Juanita was radically healed and is fine to this day. I was so pumped up that I could barely take time to eat my dinner that night. Flying back to Dayton I prayed for 3 more people in the airport that experienced healing. That was like throwing gasoline on the fire.

When I got home I started researching kickstart programs and signed up with Torben doing a TLR kickstart program in, of all places, Austin, Texas.

One month later I am on my way back to Austin, again praying for 4 more people in the airport on my way back to Texas. I attended the kickstart and was baptized by immersion to complete the package. On my way back to Dayton I prayed for 3 more people who experienced healing. I have been on fire ever since.

By the way, when I returned in February, from the kickstart, the SCAMDEMIC hit and slowed my roll a little. I have still been able to minister healing on a limited basis. I have a friend who is as deaf as a stump most of his life. He’s a pianist, not a good combination. I remotely prayed for him the other day. He called me and asked if I had been praying for him! I laughed and told him I had been waiting for this call. All of his upper frequency hearing came back! I am still praying for complete restoration. I am on fire and seem insatiable. I think I need prayer for my healing addiction :D.

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