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Asthma, impaired vision, cancer… healed!

Asthma, impaired vision, cancer… healed!

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We had a women come to our gathering a few weeks ago with terrible afflicting asthma. Her lungs had not been working at full capacity for years and after we prayed she was completely healed! She even went to the gym and testified as she went about how Jesus healed her!

We had another woman with a black spot in her eye. It was impairing her vision and after praying for her she no longer has any trouble seeing! The black spot is completely gone!

We had a man with re-occurring prostate cancer and after prayer he went back to the hospital and came back praising God because he is now officially cancer free. The doctors couldn’t explain it, but he said that he knew that God had healed Him when we prayed.

This is only a few of the many marvelous miracles we’ve seen here! We’ve seen salvation, deliverance, baptisms in water, and baptisms in the Holy Spirit! God wants to do something huge here in the area. Do you want to join Him in His work?

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