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Healing in Walmart

Healing in Walmart

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While in Chicago with the tent revival a fellow disciple and I went to Walmart because we needed some groceries and thought we would pray for people while we were there.

There was a gentleman on the aisle looking for honey and he happened to have a cross on and a Harley Davidson shirt. So we struck up a conversation with him and asked him if he needed prayer. He told us that on Tuesday he was going in to have x-rays for a rotator cuff injury. He could not lift his left arm up. We asked if we could pray for him found out he was not just a person of peace but a fellow Christian.

God healed him while praying for him he could lift his arm up above his head he could put his arm behind his back! However, the best part was watching his eyes because that’s all you could see with his mask on. He was blessed, we were blessed and the angels in heaven are rejoicing!

God is faithful.

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