‘I felt the pure love of God inside’

‘I felt the pure love of God inside’

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I came from a non-believer background, no one in my circle believes in God, so I just was a normal guy, trying to do the best I can in every aspect of life. But I always thought that it has to be something more in all of this called “life” or “reality” so I started to search. I left my studies and started traveling and trying to discover the meaning of everything.

The first thing you always run into its the “new age” type of philosophy, Buddhism, karma, everything happens for a reason, meditation, universe etc… So it sounded nice to me and I wanted to know more about, and I started reading lots of books, practicing meditation, I was in a buddhist retreat, I’ve been to india too. But at the end of the day, all of this things weren’t giving me any answer of anything at all, its basically beautiful words with an empty meaning.

So they sound nice but then when you think about it, they don’t gives you any answer to the truth of life, humans, morality, etc… So I was tired and I decided to left my search and life “like I want”, I was addicted to adrenaline, going party all the time, meeting womens, having money, Instagram fake appearance, fast motorcycle rides, traveling… I was trying to fill myself with all type of things, but again… At the end of the day, I was feeling empty and alone again, seeing everything is broken, relationships, no loyalty, no honor, broken hearts, fake friendships, all appearance.

I think you understand me.

So, I just wanted to be in the right path of life and do good. I was seeing that in almost every music video they make reference to Satan, to do “bad” for being cool, to act like “bad boy”, the devil etc… Also in the highest power personalities, like actors politicians etc, they do satanic rituals, its so common that you can search in Google and you’ll find some info, and I asked to myself… If satan “is real” it has to be Jesus too right? So I started to search in Jesus, and since that day, my life changed FOREVER. I readed one of his verses and I started crying, for real I cannot explain why, he says in the bible “Search and you will find the truth in me” so I did it, I started asking, and it started to happen to me the craziest things I will never imagine.

I felt the pure love of God inside.

The story is so long that I cannot write everything down, but basically I meet a guy from my age in a evangelical church and we decided to find Jesus together, we meet a lot of people and we read the bible, and finally I found all the answers to the beginning of times, to the man and a woman behaviours, to the BAD and GOOD, to the spiritual world, to the morality etc… I decided to get baptized and to get born again. It’s just something that you feel, a voice you always hear since you are a kid, but when we grow up, with the lies of the world, the wrong sexuality, wrong morality, evilness etc… We start to deny the voice of God that is telling us to go in a specific direction, and we just do what we see in the world, also I skipped a lot of info because otherwise it will be so so long… The thing is that now a days I can say that Jesus save my life and I’m willing to live the right way, with him.

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