Wow! Broken finger healed!

Wow! Broken finger healed!

This testimony was published on the TLR Map.

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Someone contacted me from Japan. He had broken his ring finger from playing basketball and the doctor had told him that it will take 2 months to heal. The bone in the finger was apparently separated. For some reason, I had been thinking it was a simple injury. But any how as I prayed for his finger to heal, a few times later, he was shocked that the finger had started moving like as if it was having a seizure. Apparently the bones got mended together and the pain completely relieved itself. He was in great shock and tears were flowing off his cheeks. He said that he couldn’t move his finger but now he can move them completely free that he can even grab something that apparently he could not do before! Jesus have healed in a matter of moment that would have taken 2 month to heal! Hallelujah! All praise and glory belongs to him!

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