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Many friends decided to follow Jesus!

Many friends decided to follow Jesus!

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After dropping out of College what the Lord called me to do, a classmate I ministered to called me and told me he wants to know more about Jesus and invited me into his house. He told me he wants to hear God’s voice like I hear His voice. I told him about repentance and baptism so he can be filled with the Holy Spirit. After I answered his question on what needs to be done, we went into his pool and after baptism the Holy Ghost came and filled him till he overflew out the mouth with utterance.

2 days later he called me saying one more friend wants the Holy Spirit, but when me and my brother arrived at his house, he had 3 more friends over and 1 was a doubter. After sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 2 of them gave their life to the Lord and came out of that water filled with the Holy Spirit just like the first guy. Then after seeing all 3 of his friends being filled with the Holy Spirit, the Doubter began to believe and gave his life to Christ as well, speaking in tongues.

All Glory to God!!! Amen.

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