God works in dreams!

God works in dreams!

This testimony was published on the TLR Map.

Something wonderful happened to me one Saturday evening. It was the first time something like this ever happened. I woke up from a dream. I have never before paid attention to dreams, for they always just seem so random and unimportant. In my dream, my brother (a medical doctor) and I were playing outside. The next moment a friend of mine from school came to me and said: “Help me, I don’t feel well!” This happened twice. After the second time, I turned to my brother and said to him: “Help him.” My brother looked down at him and said: “He will be OK.” So I turned to my friend and knelt next to him. I saw that he was tied to some wooden structure. For some reason, I turned him on his side and saw that there was blood on his lower back. I lowered him again and started to untie him. That was when I woke up.
The next morning I phoned him on a video call. I haven’t seen him in years, so we small talked for a while, him sitting on his sofa. Then I said: “I want to ask you a very strange question; how is your back?” I could see him look to the side and I heard his wife say: “WHAT!” I explained that I’ve had a dream in which it seemed that he had a problem with his lower back. Again he looked at his wife and she said: “WHAT!” He then turned to me and said: “Paul, I have had lower back problems for the last couple of months, but I can hardly walk these last 3 weeks. I am on such strong pain-killers, I cannot even feed my dog and my wife and I can’t sleep in the same bed now for the last couple of weeks. I knew then that my dream was from God and He had something big in store for my friend. He is a teacher at a High School, and I believe that through his testimony, he can touch so many young lives and turn them to the Lord. I asked if I could pray for him and he said ok. I asked him to stand up and could see that that took some effort. He was in so much pain. I asked his wife to put her hand on his lower back and then commanded healing in his back in the Name of Jesus Christ. I commanded full restoration and all pain to leave. I asked him to bend over, and at first, he did it very carefully, I’m sure he was scared, but he went down all the way, came back up, and turned sideways. All the pain was gone! How great is our God!!
Later that afternoon I texted him to ask how he was doing. He said that everything had been perfect all day, that they couldn’t stop talking about the miracle God did, but when they got back home after a day out; when he got out of the car, the pain hit him again. Immediately I phoned him, we talked and I explained how satan shot a new arrow, not the same wound because that one was healed, but a new one, so that he will doubt his faith and what God did was real. I rebuked the pain again in the Name of Jesus, and the pain was gone! He got set free again. I then started explaining to him how to fight in the Spirit.
The pain was back the next day and he became quiet. I didn’t hear from him for a while but received a message a couple of weeks later praising God. His pain just suddenly left and he is now free of severe pain after 9 months.
God really is good and even though we sometimes experience conflicting results, nothing or nobody is greater than our God!
Praise His Name FOREVER!

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