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Christ has completely changed my life!

Christ has completely changed my life!

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How my life has changed ever since I knew Christ?
Taking a step to follow Jesus has been the best decision of my life I ever made.
Since then life has changed its meaning to me .
For me personally I found someone who can I trust most regard my every aspect of life. And have the confident what He deems for me is the best. He has never been unfaithful in His promises.
I have observed the divine protection in life .
I have the list of testimonies in my PC from my daily life since last two years .
My way of thinking, my way of looking the world is changed. I can remember those days I look in the eyes of people and got scare because I felt myself helpless. I saw people being happy with little things happening in their life because it’s leading them to their hope for something. But I felt no joy or hope in anything because I were hopeless. My life was getting harder each day as I grew up. Even being the victim of depression . You can imagine it like this: a person who has all his senses but he doesn’t use them.
2013 June 05 by noon siting in a memorial service .
I listened to pastor preaching about his fellow worker. Aftab said: ”His fellow brother were happiest person he has ever seen. He gave all his burdens to Jesus and enjoyed his life with peace of mind and happiness.”
I realized it’s the only way I can be happy too. I surrender my life to Jesus that very night. My helplessness changed into His Power. Having Him in life gave me Hope of eternal life and started finding joy in all little things happening in my life a reason to Praise Him. It kept strengthening my Faith each day.
Like a cloud of demons were lifted up from my brain and I were able to be like a normal person. Doing His work bring me more joy, when people surrender their life to Jesus. It gives me more joy than anything else. So God has changed so much in my life and still doing it and will keep making me a better person to expand His kingdom in the world. Amen. I would love to talk to you and help you experience God’s power as I did. Kindly talk to me.

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