God is GREAT!

God is GREAT!

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All Praises and Glory to GOD! At midst of this covid19 situation where in Manila specifically implemented an intensified community quarantine,I continuously see and experience the works of our great GOD even online… As I always pray, God is moving in a very special way in connecting me to a person of peace.

So May 5, when I got a sudden thought from God leading me to speak to a sister and ask if she really understood baptism of the Holy Spirit, surprisingly the following morning I got a message from her telling me that she felt God is leading her to message me and ask about the baptism of the Holy Spirit… As in What??!! It is so amazing how God sets things. On that same day in the afternoon we made a video chat and invited 2 disciples, a couple. After few sharing, discussions and teachings… in short she received the Holy Spirit and accompanied with an outward evidence thru speaking in tongues!!

Hallelujah!! Truly obeying the voice of the Lord is the best thing to do, God’s will is always the BEST! To God be the Glory!

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