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8 years old and baptized in the Holy Spirit

8 years old and baptized in the Holy Spirit

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At the Jacksonville Florida kickstart there was a man who stopped me because his son wanted to be baptized. I did not want to do this wrong, so I got a brother in Christ who walked me through how to share the gospel with a child to make sure they understand sin and repentance. And also what it means to be baptized etc. We baptized this little 8 year old boy and his dad helped us and did some deliverance. After we sat on the beach and filled him with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit fell over both of them and the little boy started speaking in tongues and the dad started crying and he fell over and the they both were just engulfed by the Holy Spirit. It was one of the most beautiful experiences God has gifted me. Praise the Lord, God is so good 🤍

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