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‘It took 1.5 years. So never give up!’

‘It took 1.5 years. So never give up!’

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I have gone to church all my life and was first baptized when I was 9. I fell away from the Lord when I was 20 for a period of time because of the burden of religion and the weight of trying to do the Lords work without the power of the Holy Spirit.

After Jesus called me back to him and I repented. I was very involved in Church and got married to Patrick who I met there at Church. I still felt there was something missing though and then I came across TLR through Youtube and the Lord has lit my life on fire since then.

As I was going through the online Pioneer School through YouTube, I began to pray to God to remove my religious glasses and to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. After a few days of that I experienced a really powerful moment of repentance and the Lord filled me with His spirit and I spoke in tongues for the first time. I never knew anyone that spoke in tongues, because I was raised to believe that the spiritual gifts ceased with the Apostles.

However, immediately I met with challenges when it came to my family and husband. They thought I was losing it, so I backed off of them with it all and I just prayed to God: “If this is it Lord, if you want me to walk this way I, need my husband alongside me, please reveal these things to him”.

I went out a few times alone to pray for people at that time, but it was so difficult alone. I hadn’t been kickstarted, so I really had no idea what I was doing, just total blind faith. I eventually stopped going out because I was so discouraged and had no fellowship and everyone was so against me. So I really struggled and the enemy almost stole from me the new life I was beginning to come into, but in my heart I still wanted it so I just kept praying.

It took 1.5 years. So never give up! God had been working to open my husbands eyes to things at church and to the Word and finally he saw. And to be honest it took us stepping out of church for a while through the Coronavirus shutdowns, for my husband to see how ineffective things were at growing and making disciples. And God really opened his eyes. He is changing and growing so much.

Now through a connection with Chris & Shayla the green dot there in Missoula MT we have really been lit on fire. Together we have committed to go out and pray for people and just stick with it until we start seeing fruit.

We are ready to labor long for the Lord TOGETHER and face suffering and persecution TOGETHER. Praise be to God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord!

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