Local Discipleship Training

What Is A mobilePTS?

The mobilePTS is a modified version of the 3 Week Full-time Pioneer Training School that has changed lives all over the world. This school is designed to come to your local disciple community with the same teaching and hands-on training many get at a Full-time PTS and Luke 10 school. You will be taught the word of God and we provide instruction and practical training in healing the sick, preaching the gospel, leading people to salvation, and so on.

updateIf you are a local community ready to take the next step in your walk and feel this is for you, you can invite us to come. Start by filling out the inquiry form at

simple mPTS

No, this is a modified version of the PTS and will look different in a local community setting. It is a three-week training.

Basic Schedule

The first week is considered “full-time” in that we will gather for most of the day for the first 5 days.

The second and third weeks are evenings only. 

This will be a powerful three weeks so be ready to be activated in all areas.

Yes. Although this school type is targeted for local communities, it is open for anyone in the surrounding cities, states to join.

If you are in the near states and cannot travel to the full-time schools, this may be the option for you.

It varies depending on the location. Please contact the leader of the specific school and ask about it.

The general price for tuition: $300

We love for whole families to be a part of the training. This is encouraged to do. We will try to have help to handle child care but this is not guaranteed. Please contact the leader of the specific school and ask about it.

Some parts of the program, like the Luke 10 mission trip are difficult to do with children – usually, one parent stays home during this trip.

If your community is looking for a training to come to your area, you can fill out our inquiry form.

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