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How to see family and friends come to Jesus

How to see family and friends come to Jesus
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Many of you out there that love Jesus have family and close friends that are not yet born again. They are not following Jesus and it can be quite hard to witness that. It is really hard to have kids, parents or siblings that are not living with God and are thinking you are crazy or don’t want to hear anything you say.

But there is a way you can see that change. I have seen that again and again and I like to share it here with you.
A few days ago a friend shared this:

“Yesterday we baptized my wife’s mother and this is so unbelievable. 
She was one of the biggest anti believers in my life ever, but God changed her heart during the years of hard prayers and yesterday on behalf of her own belief we baptized her to Jesus Christ and she received the Holy Spirit.
And now she is our sister, Hallelujah!”

Hallelujah. Yes, this is amazing, and you too can see the same happen with your dear ones. As I said, I have seen that so many times during the last years, and I have also seen that within my own family.

When I gave my lift to Christ many years ago, I was the first one in my entire family who got born again, and no one liked it. Yes, I mean no one. Everyone was thinking that I was crazy.
My brother didn’t talk to me for months and especially my father was very disappointed and angry.
One time he said to me very angrily : “Torben I forbid you to have anything to do with this. (Talking about Jesus and my new faith). What will people say if they hear that my son has got brainwashed”

Yes. It was not easy.
He was very ashamed of me and my new faith in Jesus.
I remember one time I had a Jesus Sticker on my car and when I came to visit my parent, He told me to park the car somewhere else, so the neighbors couldn’t see it.

But all of that changed, and all of that can also change in your life and with those around you.

Some years later, I got the honor to lead my father to Christ and baptize him in water and with the Holy Spirit. You can here see a picture from the baptism. It was a great day that I will never forget.

Torben baptizing his father

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