Going out on Jesus’ words in Luke chapter 10. Amazing testimonies!

Going out on Jesus’ words in Luke chapter 10. Amazing testimonies!

In this video we see who Jesus says he is, and see him do what he said he will do.
He said that the harvest is ready and that when we go out, he will go with us and take care of our needs.
We have now come to the time in our Luke 10 school where we send our students out on a Luke 10 trip, and it is always amazing and life changing!
If every church will just do this simple thing Jesus has commanded us to do, we will not only see the Christian changed, but also our country changed.


It’s time to come out there! Come and join us! The next three weeks, we will be having Kickstarts in many different cities.

Next weekend, October 10th-11th, I will be in New Jersey. The same weekend, Ever and a team from the Ark will be in Virginia Beach, Oceanfront, to have an amazing Kickstart weekend there. Information about that will come out tomorrow.

The weekend after, October 17th-18th, we will have a Kickstart in Greenville, South Carolina, and from the 18th-20th we will be in Nashville, Tennessee. Information about these will also come out tomorrow.

We’re working on setting up Kickstarts in both Raleigh, North Carolina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for October 24th-25th.

Come and meet us out there!

Spread the news, because we don’t have much time!

We are living in a very special time right now, and we feel we need to come out there and meet you all (also before we move the Ark from North Carolina to Tennessee)!

See more about this in the last two videos on my Facebook wall.

Help us get the news out there! 🙂

Big blessings!

Torben Sondergaard 🙏

Help us caption & translate this video!


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We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had.

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