More important than the virus and the riots… more important than anything else is your salvation – to be free from your sins!

Finally free from sin – What going to church couldn’t do, true repentance and baptism did.

Powerful testimony from Emily, how after struggling with sin for a long time, she finally experiences the freedom we find in Jesus.

Yes. Jesus was the lamb of God that came to save us from our sin. And who the Son sets free is free indeed. This freedom is found in the true uncompromising gospel. You can be like Emily here — she was coming to church, had been baptized, and even attended a bible-mission school without being free. All of that without fully having been born again.

The big deception we are seeing all over is that we can enter into faith without true repentance. But true repentance is what makes baptism in water a washing away of sins and a new beginning in Jesus. We see this freedom from sin in Romans 6 where we bury the old life and the power of sin is cut off and we can be finally free. This is what Emily experienced. This is the promise of the word. Repentance is the beginning and the first words that came out of Jesus mouth.

Listen to this important testimony and make sure you also are free from your sins. A freedom you don’t find in religion, but in the uncompromising gospel of Jesus and him alone.

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