This is REAL REAL…. Normal (Came from Hawaii) 🙏

This is REAL REAL…. Normal (Came from Hawaii) 🙏
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We had an really good beginning of this kickstart weekend here in LA
See a little from it here…..

We continue tomorrow 😎

Kickstarts left to go on our road trip:

LA, California
April 16th-17th

Seattle, Washington
April 23rd-24th

Salt Lake City, Utah
April 28th

Denver, Colorado
April 30 – May 1st

New Orleans, Louisiana
May 7th-8th

We have seen God do amazing things! See some of the videos on our YouTube here:

Find more info about the meetings here:


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God bless you all out there!
Torben Søndergaard

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Asthma, impaired vision, cancer… healed!
Jeremiah wrote a testimony.