The biggest deception is that the End Time deception and the great falling away will come soon.

The biggest deception is that the End Time deception and the great falling away will come soon.

No. It will not come soon – because it is ALREADY HERE! We have all grown up in it, and therefore we don’t see it!

Just look at how baptizing in water used to be the Biblical response to the Gospel preached in the Bible, and part of salvation – NOT just “an outward sign of an inward faith” or “a public proclamation,” like most people preach today – something you DON’T find in the Bible!

Where can we find churches that are preaching a Biblical Gospel and baptizing people the same day they come to faith? You shall look a long time for those! Instead, we see, “Ask Jesus into your heart,” which is NOT in the Bible. Yes. The End Time deception and great falling away are HERE, and have BEEN HERE all the years we have lived! We all grew up in it, so that’s why most people just don’t see it. This is why it’s called DECEPTION, and why it’s called the great FALLING AWAY!

This deception is not ONLY when it comes to how we preach the Gospel and baptize people. It is also when it comes to almost EVERYTHING else we know! It comes to our churches – how we do church and end up with churchgoers and church converts instead of DISCIPLES of CHRIST. It comes to how we’re being told that we can love the world and still think we can follow Christ. It comes to how we believe in “once saved always saved,” instead of the truth that it’s the one who continues steadfast in their first love TO THE END who will be saved. It comes to the false idea that Jesus came to save us IN our sins instead of save us FROM our sins. (When we are born again, we are NOT sinners anymore but saints. We are called to walk in FREEDOM from sin, and should no longer be slaves to sin. We should be slaves to RIGHTEOUSNESS instead, bearing good fruit!) It comes to how Jesus commanded us to not ONLY preach the Gospel, but also to heal the sick and to cast out demons.

Yes! We could keep going for a long time. The deception is HERE, and we have all grown up in it. Some people have already seen the truth of SOME of these areas I’m talking about here, but there is MORE! They are still blind when it comes to the rest, but we should not be deceived in ANY area! We must all hold onto the TRUTH and HIM alone – or we will not be one of those who will STAND on that great day – but instead be cast away.

Are you among those few who walk on the NARROW Biblical road – following Jesus and preaching a Biblical Gospel – preaching holiness and repentance from sin – baptizing people the same day they come to faith? Are you one of those who have divorced yourself from the world, in order to be TOTALLY given over to your one true Love and Savior Jesus Christ? Or are you like most Christians out there, still living in the big End Time deception, just following the rest of the churches and their traditions?

Torben Søndergaard

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We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had.

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