Speaking in tongues

Speaking in tongues

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In New Hampshire I had the pleasure of helping out with the PTS school. I was blessed after sharing my testimony on stage with this beautiful woman, who came up and got prayer because she had in unforgiveness in her heart for her mother. She fell over and manifested. I started praying for her and she got delivered of something and her back pain was completely gone and she was healed. I spent time with her and shared the gospel and did a repentance talk, and then we baptized her and her whole family came to watch. Her cousin was learning and helped us walk her through this and she got filled with the spirit, but didn’t have tongues yet. But she got a memory of her grandmother who used to speak in tongues all the time around the house. She never remembered it, until that moment when the Holy Spirit came into her.

The next day she comes up to me all smiles and tells me she got tongues in the car, while she was driving. It came along with a memory that she used to speak in tongues when she was a child, but she didn’t know that’s what it was until now.

Praise God. She is on fire for the Lord and free! 🤍

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