Lessons with a big impact!

Lessons with a big impact!

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I found The Last Reformation by a friend of only a week and a half. We talked about the church culture I had just left and about asking God if there was more. He responded by sending me a link to The Pioneer School Lesson 1 – Come out of the box.
I thought I would be receiving a history lesson on how the church’s come to be and not freedom from religious mindset. I’m not done with all the lessons yet but the fruit I’m seeing and tasting is what I know the father always wanted for me.
April 12th 2020 I was baptised again and I left that old man behind for good! As I learn something new, the Lord gives me open doors to help others receive. Four day ago I prayed for someone and they received the Holy Spirit and two days ago I had a small gathering and we ended up baptising her in my bathtub!

I’m looking forward for more the Word talks about.

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