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I had been looking for this my whole life!

I had been looking for this my whole life!

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When I was in my teens I was a rebel and served everything but not God. I’ve done many things that were unacceptable. Addicted and trapped in a world of Drugs, Parties, sex, bodybuilding and fighting. I lived in Amsterdam since I was 20 and lost myself in 10 years. I hated God and religion. My mother is Turkish and father Dutch. I have tried everything from Buddah to psychics “new age” and Allah. I always had some kind of spirituality in me, but i fished into the wrong waters. I left the Netherlands on October 21, 2016 to Australia, after 2 months my exgirlfriend broke up and she was the last hope in my life. A few days later, I sat on a bench crying in Fitzroy Park in Melbourne. I have never felt so alone and abandoned and had not used drugs for 2 months. I was in the darkest place of my life and no longer knew what the reality of life was. At that moment I asked: If there is an angel or my grandfather or a God then I must have you now! December 22, 2016 at Flagstaff Garden Melbourne. I was writing a letter to my ex girlfriend and I was sitting on the grass. I looked up and saw the leaves of the tree and the sun shone through them. Something hit me and I heard a voice say, “Look around you Jimmy how beautiful the world is and what I’ve made, look how beautiful it is.” I kept hearing this again several times and felt an insane unexplainable love, joy and peace that I have never felt before. I had been looking for this my whole life. I looked around and saw that everything had changed in a split second, God showed me how beautiful the world is through his eyes! For me this was the beginning of the life I was looking for. Currently, God is using me to tell people about Jesus and encourage people. By God’s grace we preach in Amsterdam and other city’s now. Everyone needs Jesus, but they often don’t even know because they are blinded. Praise the Lord that we find live through Jesus Christ and His Grace is sufficient!!! Hallelujah! ❤️🙏🏽 Praise the Lord.

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