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I contracted COVID-19 and was ready to die

I contracted COVID-19 and was ready to die

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On or around about the 11th July, I became aware of a severe lack of strength, with no interest in food whatsoever. Even my ability to taste anything, was diminished and my only desire was to sleep most of the time.

So I went and lay down on my bed, which to my mind, was the most comfortable place to be. I had no idea whatsoever as to what was happening in my body and in desperation my wife began to take my temperature on a regular basis. It was always on 38° C. and once going up to 39° C.

It was at this time that the LORD himself reminded me of a scripture, I had recently heard on my audio bible:

Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days. (Ecclesiastes 11:1 NKJV).

I could only ponder about that, not really knowing how it was to apply to me. I then became vividly aware of another scripture that I knew it so well, but could not immediately remember where it was located:

Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints. (Psalms 116:15 NKJV).

I wondered… was the LORD Himself preparing me to consider the possibility that I may soon be on my way to meet with Him in His kingdom? In other words, was my earthly life about to come to an end!? I was in total peace as regards this outcome and in my heart I was ready to leave this world as we know it. However, it was not to be.

Almost simultaneously, messages were coming in across the country from many of the saints of God. Messages of encouragement and denouncing the evil one and his intentions for my life. We also had a number of the saints here in Tarkastad, who came and hung on our gate, declaring war against the enemy, stamping the ground and raising dust. This was the same day that a friend called and sent a gift of a delicious soup that was to be the very first nourishment to my body for more than a week.

On that self same day (Tues. 21 July); I received a call from my neighbor, who was standing in a shopping mall in Queenstown (a town about 65 km. away). He asked if I would like him to make an appointment for me to see his doctor? “Yes,” I responded to him immediately. Up until now, the idea of seeing a doctor had been the remotest thing on my mind. My neighbor personally went to the doctors surgery, even arriving after closing time. In any event, he was able to make an appointment for 10:00am the following morning (Wednesday). My wife and I were to be ready and waiting for him at 09:15am and he drove us in our car, the 65 km to Queenstown.

I realised then, that the matter of my illness was completely out of my hands. We arrived in Queenstown shortly after 10:00 and not long afterwards, were seated in Doctor Meyer’s (a young man, whom I immediately took a liking to) consulting room. He was able to very quickly sum up the situation, once Cath and I had provided details of all the symptoms and the events that had taken place since about ten days previously. After examining me thoroughly, he proceeded to tell us that I was already well on the way to recovery. I shared with him that I am a Christian and that many of the saints had been praying for me simultaneously the day before and were still continuing in prayer. Dr Meyer confirmed that I would recover fully.

He said it was not necessary to test me, for my symptoms proved that I had contracted COVID-19 and he would treat me accordingly.

Back home, I remained in bed for another two or three days before getting up and exercising outside in the garden. I regained my appetite, my sense of smell and taste and the ability to tell the time properly, and my voice eventually changed back to normal. I was still extremely weak during this time, but as each day went by, I grew stronger and stronger. We can certainly give our Father all the glory for the way in which He has restored my health.

After I returned from having seen the doctor, the following night, around midnight an amazing thing happened; I was awakened and looking in the bedside drawer; I found a copy of “My utmost for His Highest” compiled from the works of Oswald Chambers, who had passed away in 1917 at only forty three three years of age.

Picking up the book, my eye fell on “Bread broken” which alerted me to the earlier scripture about casting your bread upon the waters. During that night and the next day, I read through all nine daily readings concerning that topic, which made an astounding impact on me. Particularly in the light of what I had been through and the urgency of the times; that God Himself began to reveal to me.

I can -without a doubt- confirm that the LORD has an urgent message for every believer (worker in His Kingdom) and that the time for work is almost over, for the night approaches when there will be no further time left for the work of the kingdom to be done. (John 9:4).

I believe GOD Himself is preparing us as ‘broken bread and poured out wine’ to please Himself (Oswald Chambers – “My utmost for His Highest”).

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