…he walked to his car with NO LIMP!

…he walked to his car with NO LIMP!

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July 2017, I was visiting a estate sale across the road from my house. After walking out of the house, a young man in his 20’s pulled up and got out of his car and proceeded to walk across the yard to the house. He had on shorts, no shoes and was limping badly. There was blood all over the top of his foot. As he walked by, I asked him what happened? He told me some guys on drugs had just jumped him and slammed him on the ground and took his wallet. He told me several times that he thought his foot was broken.
As he went in the house, I hung around outside because I wanted to talk to him and offer prayer. While waiting on him to come out, 2 women pulled up and came across the yard. After speaking with them, I found out I used to work with one of them. Then the young man came out of house and I found out the 2 women was his mom and aunt. What a coincidence. As the young man was walking by, I told him I pray for people and often see God Heal them. I asked if I could pray for his foot. He dropped his head in shame for a few seconds and said “God wouldn’t listen because he has been running from God”. I said” Please let me pray for you”.
He reluctantly agreed. I told his mom and aunt to come over because I wanted them to see this. I took the young mans hands and thanked the Lord for him and command his foot to be healed and all pain to leave in Jesus name. After I let his hands go, he put a little weight on his foot, then bounced on it 3 times. Then looked up at me with his eyes wide open and said “THAT’S CRAZY”. He threw his arms around my neck and thanked me. I told him that God done this because He loved him and wanted him to know that he can’t run so far away from God that He wants to hear him.
As he walked to his car with NO LIMP, his mother said she had been praying for him for quite a while because of some of the stuff he was into. I told her God opened his eyes today.

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