God healed all my wounds and gave me another LIFE! (from New Age to Jesus)

God healed all my wounds and gave me another LIFE! (from New Age to Jesus)

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When I was born doctors told my parents that I will not survive, so they had to prepare my coffin… But God’s decision was different. My family didn’t give up and they started praying. 2 months later I went out of the hospital.

When I was in 8th grade at school me and my friend decided to go for a walk in the forest.
While we were climbing a mountain I fell into a coulee that was full of garbage
and glass. In the moment I was falling I screamed: “God please help me”. I fell and between my head and stone there was a plastic bottle that saved my life.

That same year at school I started getting interested in different cultures and religions.
I went to my school library and the lady handed me a book about a psychologist that is making to his patients meditations called “regressions”. He claimed that problems in this life
are rooted in past life. So you have to look into your “past life” to solve your problems. At that time, I was struggling with depression and I thought that’s okay for me to do it. I started practicing these meditations. Later I began to feel like someone is drinking my energy, but I thought it’s normal. I have practiced this for 6 years.

My depression became worse. I didn’t want to go out with anyone. I was meditating every single day and started doing opening chakras. I was Ortodox while I was doing all these things, because I was growing up in an Orthodox Christian family. We would go to church and bow down in front of icons and pray to Mary. Jesus was always seen as a baby. I never understood it. Some people have been talking to me about Jesus and telling me that bowing down in front of icons is pagan, but I never listened to them. Till when the meditation went worse. I started feeling presence of something demonic around me. In my room, in my dorm and my house, in my hometown. It got to the point where I started having insomnia. I was afraid to hear something scary like a knock or any other sound while falling asleep. So I was waiting for the sun to rise so I could be sure that outside was daytime and inside the room there’s light.
When I was in my hometown in Varna, one night I saw my dog at the end of the bed moving his head as if someone was playing with him. The next day while I was explaining this to my mother I peeked into my room and again he was doing the same thing…

While I was staying in my hometown for a week, a friend of mine contacted me for the first time since 8th grade. We began our friendship again. One day she posted a picture
of a page from the Bible, from the book of Revelation. I started being curious and asked her what it was. Long story short I explained her what I have been practicing and she told me to look on the internet for “New Age religion”. That’s what I did. When I read everything I was shaking out of fear, because I understood that what I have been doing for the last 6 years was occultic and demonic.

I contacted my grandma that is living in Spain. She was the only person I knew that belives truly in Jesus. I shared with her everything and she asked me to follow her in a prayer of receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in my life. I did and while I was saying the prayer I felt how something like a vacuum just vacuumed all bad things from me and washed me. I felt so clean in my soul. After this prayer, I started being hungry of the Word of God. I wanted to close myself in a room and just read from morning till night the Word of God. I prayed for the baptism in the Holy Spirit and in May God baptized me in the Holy Spirit. 4 months later, because of Covid-19, I was baptized in water – 18 of July 2020.

Since I gave my life to Christ it was never the same. I’m full of life and joy that only God can give us. No more depression and pain. God healed all my wounds and gave me another LIFE. The day I got baptized I decided to serve the Lord Almighty till my last breath. I will continue glorifying God with my life and I wish I can do it with fellow brothers and sisters in our Father. God bless you all brothers and sister that are reading this testimony.

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