On this page we want to show you what God is doing all around the world. Because right now we see a movement from God that is truly bearing fruit, a movement that is changing the world upside down. But we also hope that this will inspire and open your eyes that this life is for you, and that you will step into the call of Jesus and to follow Him.

updates from jail

God is faithful

In the beginning of June 30th Torben detained by ICE’s Baker County Detention Center.

From there, Torben writes: “This Thursday, I was invited to a meeting with Homeland Security who wanted to talk about my asylum case – a case where I, in Denmark three years ago, was accused of doing many things I had not done, and where I ended up fleeing to America seeking asylum.  But then, they suddenly said that the real reason I was there was because they had been notified that I was smuggling weapons from Mexico to America, and I was in shock.”

Ever since then, God started to do a work in the prison. Torben has been writing to us from jail. On this page you can read those updates.

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